1. DavidJan

    Thank you for your ear-flapping blog.
    My already strong identification with elephants has grown even more, reading elephants are happy when they eat yummy food.
    I hope to go to Chiang-Mai next year and experience elephants as a mahout as you did.

  2. […] Chiang Mai is famous for the elephant sanctuaries. We chose to go to Chiang Thai Heritage, because it’s a small project with only four elephants, which are all saved from abusive work. Tu and his team dedicate their lives to provide the elephants a happy life. We got to spend the day with the elephants as their mahout (caretaker). Tu learned us a lot about their behaviour and how to recognize when an elephant is happy. […]

  3. Di from Australia

    A great article on your visit to Chiang Thai Heritage. Much happiness for me visiting there too! It was an amazing highlight in my life. A great surprise to meet Tu and his team, help cut the sugarcane and bathe the elephants in the river. Tu is also wonderful chef and I thoroughly enjoyed cooking my lunch under his supervision. I hope to return one day and at present somehow help Tu with his projects of protecting the trees and growing more foliage to conserve the space for the elephants.

    • nomadhappiness

      Thank you, Di! Nice to see you have also visited Chiang Thai Heritage and that the elephants made you happy too 🙂 We hope to visit Tu and his team too again someday, because their work is amazing and heartwarming. We hope you had a lovely time in Thailand!

      Happy greetings,

      Vincent & Margot

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